Fatima: What can be verified?


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The Witnesses Observing the Miracle of the Sun

There are some cold hard facts surrounding the miracle at Fatima on October 13, 1917.  These are found in the book, “Meet the Witnesses” by John M. Haffert on Page 15.

1) The time and place of the miracle were predicted in advance.

2) A light of extraordinary power was seen over a radius of more than 20 miles like a “Catherine Wheel” of fireworks, sending off great shafts of colored light which tinted objects on the ground.

3) It plummeted toward the earth after several minutes, assuming such a gigantic nearness that the tens of thousands of witnesses thought it was the end of the world.

4) The great ball of fire stopped just as it was about to crash upon the earth, and returned to the sky

5) It came from and went back to the location of the sun, so that those who saw it actually thought it was the sun.

6) The top of the mountain where this occurred, which had been drenched by several hours of constant rait, suddenly dried within a matter of minutes.

7) Tens of thousands of witnesses of all classes and of various creeds, extended over an area of about 600 square miles.

Those are simple objective facts of a huge miracle that took place in Fatima.  The result of this miracle destroyed the atheist-communist government that was on the rise.  That government was trying to stamp out religion.  But, once 5% of the entire population of the country was a first hand witness to a miracle, it was going to be essentially impossible to continue to suppress religion.