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When I looked at my blog stats, I noticed that I was getting the most hits when people searched for the phrase “The Fatima Hoax”.  So, I decided to take a look and see what pops up when I search for “The Fatima Hoax.”

This site rates #1.

It appears that this is some blind rage against the Catholic Church posted by this site.  There is so much disgust for Our Lady of the Rosary – and it is all so unnecessary.  It would seem that a rational exposition of the facts would lead people to the truth.  I’ll do what I can to pull out rational points to refute, but it is a difficult task to find facts in this article.

The site is so rich with error, I’ll have a series of posts that help to shine some light into a dark place.  This is the first installment in that series.

The site does this weird thing – they make the first step of claiming that the events in Fatima were from Satan.  That would indicate that something preternatural DID occur – but the source was not from GOOD – but from EVIL.  Later, they go on to say that the events in Fatima were completely NATURAL.  Got that?  Generally speaking – it’s best to pick a theory and stick with it.  It is either from Satan, or a completely natural event.

Here is how the anti-Fatima post begins.

Woe unto Catholics! Our Lady of Fatima is a dirty Satanic hoax perpetrated by the Catholic religion. It is of the Devil and blatant idolatry. Roman Catholics claim that a supernatural event occurred in 1917 in which the “Blessed Virgin Mary” appeared repeatedly to 3 children in Fatima, Portugal.

First off, I’m very happy with the 1st sentence.  Not that I agree that there should be “Woe to Catholics!”  It is nice that we know where this author is coming from.  I do not like sites that pretend to be the friend of the Catholic religion, and then attempt to trash the Catholic religion in a manipulative way.  Moving on to the claim that the Catholic Church fabricated the Fatima event… I’d like to also point out that the “Supernatural Event” was not something fabricated by the Catholic Church.  It was a public event happening outside the Catholic Church – and there is plenty of documentation regarding the event that has absolutely nothing to do with the Church.

In the second sentence, we experience a number of problems.  “A dirty Satanic hoax” is an interesting description for Our Lady.  I’ll admit that I am unhappy with the way some people treat Our Lady.  Isn’t it interesting that a key aspect regarding Fatima is the 1st Saturday devotion (where the faithful make some reparations to Our Queen)?  Anyway, they’ve made the claim – the Miracle of Fatima is a satanic hoax.  Let’s see how they support that claim.

It is difficult to find such support for their claim in their article.  Most of the article says, “The Catholic Church is Satanic.”  So, I suppose that this site has declared itself to be the the all-knowing authority on what is Satanic.  But, about the best argument they make is shown here.  However, generally speaking, there is a small attempt to demonstrate a link between “Our Lady of Fatima” and Satan.  Here it is:

Many Catholic cultures pass a statue of Our lady of Fatima around from house-to-house throughout the year. It’s considered a good-luck charm while in their home. The heathen statue is adorned in the center of their living room, given undivided attention by the family, and it is worshipped, which is the horrible sin of idolatry. Exodus 20:5 says that those who bow and pray to statues HATE God.

I do find it somewhat humorous that people would claim that Catholics worship statues.  I’ve heard this claim before – that Catholics worship a statue.  What might a prayer to a statue sound like?

“Oh Statue!  You’re so still.  I worship how you sit there, and gather the dust, never failing to remain so still.  We ask you to do great things that God won’t do for us – you lump of dried clay.”

However, the person posting the complaint about the Catholic Church fails to understand one key element about the Church.  It is the Magisterium that decides what is valid teaching and what is an error.  It is not the laity, it is not a given priest here and there, and it isn’t what you make up after observing the behavior of any particular individuals in the Catholic Church.  But, even after that, it is emphatically stated by the Catholic Church that we are to worship only God.  So, this claim that Catholics worship a statue is just a plain bold-faced lie.

One key problem with this idolatry claim is that it tends to bring down the roof of protestants  accidentally as they attempt to collapse the roof of Catholics.  Any kind of Cross, for example, might also be considered idolatry.  It is very common for a cross to be a part of an Easter Sun-Rise service.  Are these people worshiping the cross itself?  Of course not.  But, just because they all gather around a physical object does not mean that they are confused about what is God and what is a reminder of what God has provided for us.