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I ran into a blog posting where someone points out how closely the observations made by witnesses in Fatima align with what we know now about Stellar Life Cycles.  The blog was called, “Science and the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima”.

Based upon that information, I wrote, “Fatima – Star Physics Revealed?” and “Fatima: Firewheels and Solar Flares“.

All three of these postings make the claim that time was accelerated as a part of the Miracle at Fatima.  There is another aspect to the Miracle at Fatima that does not get much discussion.  And, that aspect, I believe, is another pointer to time acceleration.

This aspect that I am referencing is the rapid drying of the land and the people’s clothes.  As has been well documented, it was raining and raining for a very long time leading up to the Miracle.  The ground was soaked.  The people were wet.  The people’s clothes would normally dry in a matter of a day or so (being mid-October and cool).  The ground?  That would take a very long time to become nice and dry.  That too would also suggest several days.

As far as Miracles go, making something dry rapidly is not common.  Miracles that affect the vision, touch, and smell are far more common.  But, a miracle of dryness is something that must have been done for a reason.  There are two reasons I can suggest.

  • The Miracle of the Dancing Sun was so out of the norm that having something that could be touched – something felt – would reinforce the memory of the visionary portion of the Miracle.
  • The rapid drying was there to give more information to humanity regarding the nature of the miracle.  I say, “humanity”, because it would be a message that would have meaning to those that eventually learn more about physics.
  • The rapid drying also leads people away from the notion that some kind of “odd but natural” event occurred at Fatima.  The amount of water being evaporated would have created great temperature swings to those on the ground in those few minutes.  Thus, just from a simple energy equation, the drying was not a natural event.

I am going to assert that all three elements were in play in this.  God, being the creator, is able to master and control TIME.  Creatures (neither human or angelic/demonic) are able to do this.  It is a significant pointer to the nature of these messages.  We are unwise to ignore this message from Fatima!