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The blog “The Apple of God’s Eye” has a post that calls out the Catholic Church for spreading “biblical ignorance”.  It blames the Catholic Church for being the source of making up a story behind the miracle at Fatima.

How terribly sad – if you’d like to look at the post yourself, here’ the link to that post.

I made a comment to that post, and here it is:

You accuse the Catholic Church of “thriving on biblical ignorance.”  It’s remarkable that you question the source of this miracle.  In your post, there is no mention of the witness given by professed atheists – completely outside the domain of the Catholic Church.  You claim that there is deception involved.  And yet, you do not mention how it is possible that the timing of such an “astronomical” miracle was predicted – in newspaper print – prior to the event itself.
You completely ignore the miracle of the rain, and the subsequent drying of the people’s clothes within minutes of the sun’s dancing.  You ignore the driving wind that didn’t affect the surrounding trees.
Sadly, it turns out that it is you that is spreading error and ignorance.

The Apple in God’s Eye blog has numerous errors.  Here’s a list:

  1. The post states, “Roman Catholics claim that a supernatural event occurred in 1917 in which the “Virgin Mary” appeared repeatedly to 3 little children in Fatima, Portugal.”  Well, this is true.  But, there is an implication that it is ONLY the Catholic Church that makes this claim.  That would be completely false.  Nope, professed atheist made this claim as well.
  2. The post states, “While I have no reason to doubt that the children experienced a vision, it is the source of this apparition I question.” Ah, so the visions happened, but it’s the SOURCE that’s in question. Got that?  The implication here is that the visions were not supernatural (meaning of Heavenly origin), but preternatural (meaning of satanic origin).  Well, isn’t it interesting that Satan would be so interested in destroying a highly successful atheist movement?  That Satan would attempt to get people to stand steadfast against a government dedicated to stamping out religion?
  3. The post states, “The Bible warns that people will witness miracles and supernatural phenomena which will mislead them (Matt. 24:24; Rev. 13:13). We also find a biblical example of this kind of false miracle in I Samuel 28:7-20. King Saul believed the dead prophet Samuel appeared, giving him a message; but it was really an evil spirit impersonating Samuel!” What the poster fails to mention is that we were also told HOW to discern between what is from God and what is a false sign.  That would be by their fruits!  For, good fruit cannot come from an evil source.  Given that the miracle at Fatima resulted in a large scale destruction of the atheist movement, that would be what most would call “a good fruit.”
  4. The post states, “The Message of the Virgin of Fatima is nothing more than the invention of the Roman Catholic Church, counter to what the Bible really says.”  That statement, however, is a complete fabrication.  At no time did the Catholic Church create the messages.  Most of the messages were public and available to everyone to read.  The Catholic Church spent 13 years looking at the messages before it decided that they were, “worthy of belief”.  The Catholic Church did not at any time fabricate these messages.
  5. The post states, “No cosmic miracle happened, despite  the testimonies of people who THOUGHT they saw one. Catholics adherents tend to see things others do not. What they actually saw in 1917 was an astronomical event which occurs repeatedly every 11 years. The Vatican used the event to dupe the ignorant masses who thought they had seen a “miracle” of nature.”  Now, we have fully departed reality.  We are now saying that there was an astronomical event that was predicted by 3 small children months in advance.  To the day.  To the hour.  In advance.  70,000 people showed up for an astronomical event.  In advance.  An event – somehow only seen in Fatima.  An astronomical event not seen anywhere else on the globe.  This poster claims that the Vatican is trying to “dupe” the “ignorant masses.”  Of course, the astronomical event hasn’t happened again.
  6. The post states, “The Catholic Church thrives on biblical ignorance. Most people do not question the “traditions” and “claims” of the Vatican, they just blindly believe it’s structured, non-spirit based doctrines.”  Well, now we have veered off into the weeds, and are no longer talking about anything of substance.
  7. The post states, “So despite the incessant baying of critics, I can say without hesitation that the message and miracle of Fatima is a lie and a hoax contrary to the Word of God! Roman Catholicism has it’s origins in a heathen Babylonian religion which worshipped the “Queen of Heaven” (Jeremiah 44:19,25). Participate at your own risk.”  So, now here’s the crux of the whole point.  Really, this poster is not concerned about reality whatsoever.  They don’t like the Catholic Church.  And, if anything runs counter to their world view, it is by definition something that must be denied.

What must be done to get the attention of people without taking away their free will?  This picture shows the enormity of the event at Fatima.  It was a huge area covered by so many people.  And yet, this is waved off by some as just a simple hoax.  If little children can create such a wide scale hoax, why not repeat the simple exercise?  Show the world how easy it is for people to experience NOTHING, but then run around claiming that they did.