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Tens of thousands of people were present to see a miracle in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.  Later, many of these people were interviewed and asked what they saw.  Most every person reported seeing the sun turn into a “fire wheel.”

Large Firework

Time Lapse Firewheel

What does this have to do with Solar Flares?  If the miracle at Fatima was in fact an image of the star going through its normal life cycle, then the answer would have to be “everything.”  But, how can a star ever be made to look like a firewheel?  The answer has to do with solar flares.

Coronal ImageHubble Picture

Pictures available of solar flares have are taken over a relatively brief period of time when considering the long history of the sun.  However, we have been able to witness many different solar flares of various sizes in that brief period of time.  What would happen if we were able to see every solar flare projected in the entire life of a star?  There would be many large solar flares coming out all at one.

Secondly, there is another attribute of stars that makes the fire wheel image possible.  Stars rotate about their own axis (just like all of our planets).  The rotation of the apparent sun was a universal comment made by witnesses.  If we were to view the sun from above its own polar axis, then sped through time rapidly, we would see solar flares shooting out in all directions very rapidly.  This would create the fire wheel image shown above.

Of course, the people involved with the miracle at Fatima could not possibly have known this attribute of the sun or any other star for that matter.  Therefore, this is another example linking solar physics with the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.