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When did we know that it was nuclear fusion that powered the Sun?  It was not until the 1930s before scientists even make a theory that the Sun was not powered through simple compressive heating.  But, it seems that what we have learned about star physics has actually been previously revealed (Fatima 1917).

The credit for this theory goes to the people that put this website together. This is my layman’s summary of that content.  You can find that information here.

After many brilliant minds have pondered star physics, we now know that the process goes something like this.

  1. Star formation starts with a large rotating cloud of Hydrogen.
  2. As gravity pulls the matter into the center of the cloud, the compression of the gas heats the cloud.
  3. If there’s enough Hydrogen in one place, the temperature reaches 10 million degrees, and the Hydrogen ignites (nuclear fusion).
  4. Rapidly, the star reaches its normal phase – constantly burning Hydrogen and turning that into Helium.                             
  5. The amount of Hydrogen starts to dwindle and reaction slows down a bit.  The cooling allows for contraction and the Helium to form an inert central core.  Hydrogen is pressed against this core – and is thus pushed into a tighter space.
  6. Quantum physics take center stage now.  The core does not compress as much as Newton says it should.  So, the Helium makes a larger (essentially incompressible) core.
  7. The Hydrogen being in a tighter space (just outside the core) burns more rapidly than before.  The extra energy causes the star to move to the “Red Giant” stage.                                                                
  8. As this remaining Hydrogen is burned, the core becomes ever larger – and thus more Hydrogen is burned in the same amount of time.  Thus, the Red Giant grows larger and larger.

This process is exactly what was witnessed by those on the ground in Fatima.  This is what they said:

  1. It was raining and cloudy.  At the start of the miracle, the sun was in the middle of the clouds.  The clouds were both passing in front of the sun and behind the sun.  This maps nicely with the proto-star stage.
  2. The sun then danced (I have a future post coming on what this dancing is.  Stars move, just like our Sun – and if the time is compressed, it’ll look very much like a whirling spinning dance).
  3. The sun put out various colors (That’s the subject of yet another post – but yes – this too is a product of solar physics.)
  4. Near the end of the apparition, the sun turned red and “fell down to Earth.”

    Image Courtesy Wikipedia – Conceptual

    The people reported that the Sun was red and “fell down to Earth” when it suddenly went back up into the sky again.  How big will the Sun get when it before it exhausts its supply of Hydrogen? The following quote is from the “Red Giant” Wikipedia page here.

The Sun is predicted to become a red giant in approximately 5 billion years. It is calculated that the Sun will become sufficiently large enough to engulf the current orbits of the solar system inner planets, up to Earth.

Superhuman knowledge was on display in Fatima in 1917.