Fatima Hoax and Hate – Refutation #1


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When I looked at my blog stats, I noticed that I was getting the most hits when people searched for the phrase “The Fatima Hoax”.  So, I decided to take a look and see what pops up when I search for “The Fatima Hoax.”

This site rates #1.

It appears that this is some blind rage against the Catholic Church posted by this site.  There is so much disgust for Our Lady of the Rosary – and it is all so unnecessary.  It would seem that a rational exposition of the facts would lead people to the truth.  I’ll do what I can to pull out rational points to refute, but it is a difficult task to find facts in this article.

The site is so rich with error, I’ll have a series of posts that help to shine some light into a dark place.  This is the first installment in that series.

The site does this weird thing – they make the first step of claiming that the events in Fatima were from Satan.  That would indicate that something preternatural DID occur – but the source was not from GOOD – but from EVIL.  Later, they go on to say that the events in Fatima were completely NATURAL.  Got that?  Generally speaking – it’s best to pick a theory and stick with it.  It is either from Satan, or a completely natural event.

Here is how the anti-Fatima post begins.

Woe unto Catholics! Our Lady of Fatima is a dirty Satanic hoax perpetrated by the Catholic religion. It is of the Devil and blatant idolatry. Roman Catholics claim that a supernatural event occurred in 1917 in which the “Blessed Virgin Mary” appeared repeatedly to 3 children in Fatima, Portugal.

First off, I’m very happy with the 1st sentence.  Not that I agree that there should be “Woe to Catholics!”  It is nice that we know where this author is coming from.  I do not like sites that pretend to be the friend of the Catholic religion, and then attempt to trash the Catholic religion in a manipulative way.  Moving on to the claim that the Catholic Church fabricated the Fatima event… I’d like to also point out that the “Supernatural Event” was not something fabricated by the Catholic Church.  It was a public event happening outside the Catholic Church – and there is plenty of documentation regarding the event that has absolutely nothing to do with the Church.

In the second sentence, we experience a number of problems.  “A dirty Satanic hoax” is an interesting description for Our Lady.  I’ll admit that I am unhappy with the way some people treat Our Lady.  Isn’t it interesting that a key aspect regarding Fatima is the 1st Saturday devotion (where the faithful make some reparations to Our Queen)?  Anyway, they’ve made the claim – the Miracle of Fatima is a satanic hoax.  Let’s see how they support that claim.

It is difficult to find such support for their claim in their article.  Most of the article says, “The Catholic Church is Satanic.”  So, I suppose that this site has declared itself to be the the all-knowing authority on what is Satanic.  But, about the best argument they make is shown here.  However, generally speaking, there is a small attempt to demonstrate a link between “Our Lady of Fatima” and Satan.  Here it is:

Many Catholic cultures pass a statue of Our lady of Fatima around from house-to-house throughout the year. It’s considered a good-luck charm while in their home. The heathen statue is adorned in the center of their living room, given undivided attention by the family, and it is worshipped, which is the horrible sin of idolatry. Exodus 20:5 says that those who bow and pray to statues HATE God.

I do find it somewhat humorous that people would claim that Catholics worship statues.  I’ve heard this claim before – that Catholics worship a statue.  What might a prayer to a statue sound like?

“Oh Statue!  You’re so still.  I worship how you sit there, and gather the dust, never failing to remain so still.  We ask you to do great things that God won’t do for us – you lump of dried clay.”

However, the person posting the complaint about the Catholic Church fails to understand one key element about the Church.  It is the Magisterium that decides what is valid teaching and what is an error.  It is not the laity, it is not a given priest here and there, and it isn’t what you make up after observing the behavior of any particular individuals in the Catholic Church.  But, even after that, it is emphatically stated by the Catholic Church that we are to worship only God.  So, this claim that Catholics worship a statue is just a plain bold-faced lie.

One key problem with this idolatry claim is that it tends to bring down the roof of protestants  accidentally as they attempt to collapse the roof of Catholics.  Any kind of Cross, for example, might also be considered idolatry.  It is very common for a cross to be a part of an Easter Sun-Rise service.  Are these people worshiping the cross itself?  Of course not.  But, just because they all gather around a physical object does not mean that they are confused about what is God and what is a reminder of what God has provided for us.


Fatima Falsification Follies #1 – Psychology Today


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The “Miracle of the Sun” that occurred in Fatima (Portugal) in October of 1917 comes under attack by those that do not wish to believe it.  Such is the case with a blog post over at “Psychology Today”.  Here is the link to the not-too-thoughtful comments regarding Fatima.

The author, Stephen Mason Ph D, starts out building credibility for his authority on the miracle at Fatima.  He claims to be raised Catholic and even taught at a Catholic College.  As a result, he has come into significant contact with information regarding Fatima.  I do wonder what happened to all those facts on the way to his article which is a remarkably terrible distortion of the facts.  For example, here is how he starts out the story of Fatima.

It seems that, in 1917, ten-year-old Lucia Santos was tending some sheep along with her two cousins (nine-year-old Francisco Marto and his seven-year-old sister Jacinta) when a dazzling apparition of a beautiful lady appeared. Supposedly the lady spoke with Lucia and told her to return in one month’s time. The kids came back on the appointed day with approximately fifty villagers in tow. Although the youngsters reported seeing the lady, she remained invisible to the adults. Despite this no doubt disappointing no-show, rumors grew and an even larger crowd returned the next month.

This first visit had only 50-ish visitors.  The “even larger crowd” was about 3,000 to 4,000.  One has to wonder, why would this be the case?  Well, Dr. Mason seems to have missed a very well know, publicly available fact.  Those in the crowd did in fact actually see something.  And, hear something.  Yes, they did not see Our Lady of the Rosary, but they were given supernatural signs.  That is the reason that the crowd grew in size.  The only people in the crowd of 50 were cautiously optimistic about seeing something – because many more people in the city knew about this report from the children.

Next, Dr. Mason goes on to discuss the larger miracle in October.  Here is what he has to say about it.

Staring into the sky, perhaps directly at the sun, some of those in the assembled throng reported a variety of weird sightings. The sun danced, moved closer to earth, spun like a top and emitted glowing sparks. Mass hysteria and optical distortion alone would account for such reports but one might also offer local meteorological conditions as a possible (though hardly necessary) additional explanation. Needless to say, astronomical observatories saw nothing unusual in the sun’s behavior that day.

Dr. Mason doesn’t quite know what to make of the miracle.  He’s taught at a Catholic College.  But, he doesn’t quite know how to describe the miracle.  You’ll notice that he doesn’t quote any witness saying that so-and-so was there and said it was a giant hoax.  That’s a strange thing to leave out, isn’t it?  Given that there were government troops there trying to block people from going to the Cova?

Dr. Mason thinks that “optical distortion” can explain the miracle.  What does that mean?  The Sun gets distorted and looks like a spinning firewheel?  Wow.  Then, we jump to a totally different argument – the dreaded “Mass Hysteria”.  Isn’t weird that we don’t have this happen at least once a month at some large arena event?  Yet, stadium crowds are not all that willing to jump into  mass hysteria.  Given that there were so many people that didn’t want to see a miracle, you’d wonder how they became hysterical at all!.

Then, there is the ever laughable meteorological explanation.  That’s right, somehow, these kids were able to predict right down to the hour when a fantastically odd event was going to occur.  A supposedly perfectly natural event where the sun spins around and crashed down to earth.  These people must live underground, because you’d think that meteorological events occur all the time – and why is it that some natural event was understood to be so unique?  These people swear that the end of the world was right upon them that instant.  Weird how we don’t hear much about those kinds of events in our everyday lives.

Next, Dr. Mason tried to paint Sister Lucia as a Post-Dating Prophet.  He does this with the following quote.

Years later, Lucia recorded her first prediction. In 1927 (ten years after her purported chats with the Virgin Mary) she wrote that her cousins would die at an early age. They did. Influenza took Francisco in 1919 and Jacinta in 1920. Then she predicted that WW 1 would end and WW 2 would follow. She did this in 1941. All in all, it would be like me going on record to predict that Barack Obama will serve as President of the USA.

The problem that Dr. Mason is going to run into is the fact that when Jacinta was terribly sick in the 1919 time period, the family doctor had to convince the parents that it was worth the effort to save her from the illness.  The parents were very much aware that Jacinta was going to follow Francisco, and there wasn’t a point in fighting it.  It would only add to the pain for Jacinta.  And that it did.  They actually removed two of her ribs because they thought that would help eliminate some of the infection.  This caused terrible suffering for Jacinta.

Another problem for Dr. Mason is the very public aurora display – and Sister Lucia was able to say that this was the start of another (much worse) war.  Right as Hitler was taking charge of the military in Germany, Sister Lucia was on record.

Then, Dr. Mason ends his blog with a plea for comments from those that “continue to believe in a prophet” after their prophesy fails.

The strategy for most people fighting the reality of Fatima is to simply point and laugh.  To some degree, it does seem to work.  Why should someone believe something that isn’t happening to them right in their present moment?  But the problem with the point-and-laugh method of argument is that any discussion of facts will dismantle their position rapidly.  What might be their response to the plain facts?  More pointing.  More laughing.

Fatima (the Miracle of the Sun – 1917) Falsification Hurdles


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Let’s say that you’re someone that wishes to discredit the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima (1917).  If you’d like to be honest about it, you’d look at the evidence available and construct a theory that would be consistent with ALL the evidence.  Your efforts would result in one of three possible outcomes.

  1. You fail to produce a single theory consistent with ALL the evidence that discredits the miracle.
  2. You produce a possibly valid theory, but it does not actually rule out the supernatural nature of the miracle.  Both the miracle and the new theory are consistent with the evidence.
  3. You are able to prove the miracle as being of natural/human origin.

People that do not like the Miracle at Fatima are those opposed to either God or to Mary, the Blessed Virgin.  The miracle presents a terrible problem for these people.  If there really was a miracle, then they have to adopt a new view of the world which includes elements they find distasteful.  I’d like to help people through the analysis period so that they can get to the point where they have to decide which world view is built upon TRUTH.

In that vein, I offer the following hurdles to Fatima Falsification.  This is a list of theories that cannot be reasonably used to describe the events at Fatima in 1917.

  1. Postdate Prediction Theory: These theories assume that some regular/natural/rare event occurred, and then later, someone ascribed a supernatural cause for the natural event.  This theory fails to withstand the hard physical evidence – namely newspapers published prior to the largest event in October of 1917.
  2. Psychological Defect Theory: These theories assume that some kind of mental defect was present in the witnesses and caused them to see something when absolutely nothing was taking place.  These theories are falsified by witnesses that were not expecting to see a miracle, did not make the trip to Fatima, and were many miles from the site of the miracle.
  3. Singular Phenomena Theory: When attempting to give an astrological explanation to the miracle, two contradictory elements are present.  The physical layout of the land precludes a singular occurrence – as people in the Cove were block from others by tall mountains in the area.  So, multiple instances of the same phenomenon will have to occur very close to the ground (not one large one a large distance from the surface of the Earth).  Additionally, there were multiple different types of miracles present.  Namely, the ability to stare at the sun without eye damage, the drying of vast quantities of water, and the strange display of the sun.
  4. Cloud Theory: The witnesses were somehow able to look directly at the Sun.  This is possible only if the Sun is dimmed by a great deal of cloud cover.  However, cloud theories are falsified by the details seen in the miracles.
  5. Singular Sensory Theory: Any theory that assumes that a single sense was somehow corrupted by a natural phenomenon will be falsified by the multitude of sensations involved with the miracle.  People experienced the wetness through the sense of touch and the display through the sense of sight.
  6. Single Owner Theory: Some people assume that all information and evidence comes from the Catholic Church, or from some other organization.  That is completely false.  The information was not controlled by the Church or by any government entity.  It wasn’t controlled by any single printing establishment either.  There were plenty of reporters on hand to record the newsworthy event.

These are just a couple of the ones that come to the top of my mind.  I might look for some serious efforts on the part of atheists to discredit the supernatural nature of Fatima and take a look at their arguments.  If they can put a theory together that fits with all the evidence, I would certainly find that interesting.  However, I have yet to see such a thing.

2005: Sister Lucia dies, and then so does the Sun’s AP Index


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Sister Lucia was one of the three children that were at the center of the Fatima event (Portugal in 1917).  She lived a long, long, long time.  She passed away in 2005.  There have been many interesting connections between the Sun’s behavior and the Fatima Miracle – and yet another one might be drawn with her death and the behavior of the Sun in 2005.

For those of us that follow the “WattsUpWithThat” blog, you might be aware that the Sun changed its behavior since 2005.  You can see information relating to this discussion with this post: Sun’s Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity. The primary thrust of that post is summarized by the following quote:

“If we are right, this could be the last solar maximum we’ll see for a few decades,” Hill said. “That would affect everything from space exploration to Earth’s climate.”

The following chart is taken from that post.

The author of this post – Anthony Watts, is a someone interested in the study of the Sun.  And, when the AP Index (an indication of Solar Activity) showed that it dropped off a cliff, he took notice.  Ever since 2005, the Sun’s behavior has been very different, and very sluggish.

This runs counter to almost all of the predictions of solar activity before 2005.  In fact, there is another blog post that shows how long it took scientist to catch on to the fact that the Sun had fundamentally changed from its previous regular pattern.  You can find that information here: History of Cycle 24 Predictions.  In that post, what you will notice as that NASA scientists continually over-predict the activity of the sun.  Even in December of 2006, NASA scientists were still saying,

According to their analysis, the next Solar Maximum should peak around 2010 with a sunspot number of 160 plus or minus 25. This would make it one of the strongest solar cycles of the past fifty years—which is to say, one of the strongest in recorded history.

It was a full 2 years after this dramatic change in the behavior in the Sun, and still the top experts remained confused.  Anyone tracking the Sun today will know that the current Sunspot Cycle 24 is one of the weakest in history.

Perhaps Mary is continuing to use Sister Lucia to make a point!

Fatima – The Miracle that Warps Time


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I ran into a blog posting where someone points out how closely the observations made by witnesses in Fatima align with what we know now about Stellar Life Cycles.  The blog was called, “Science and the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima”.

Based upon that information, I wrote, “Fatima – Star Physics Revealed?” and “Fatima: Firewheels and Solar Flares“.

All three of these postings make the claim that time was accelerated as a part of the Miracle at Fatima.  There is another aspect to the Miracle at Fatima that does not get much discussion.  And, that aspect, I believe, is another pointer to time acceleration.

This aspect that I am referencing is the rapid drying of the land and the people’s clothes.  As has been well documented, it was raining and raining for a very long time leading up to the Miracle.  The ground was soaked.  The people were wet.  The people’s clothes would normally dry in a matter of a day or so (being mid-October and cool).  The ground?  That would take a very long time to become nice and dry.  That too would also suggest several days.

As far as Miracles go, making something dry rapidly is not common.  Miracles that affect the vision, touch, and smell are far more common.  But, a miracle of dryness is something that must have been done for a reason.  There are two reasons I can suggest.

  • The Miracle of the Dancing Sun was so out of the norm that having something that could be touched – something felt – would reinforce the memory of the visionary portion of the Miracle.
  • The rapid drying was there to give more information to humanity regarding the nature of the miracle.  I say, “humanity”, because it would be a message that would have meaning to those that eventually learn more about physics.
  • The rapid drying also leads people away from the notion that some kind of “odd but natural” event occurred at Fatima.  The amount of water being evaporated would have created great temperature swings to those on the ground in those few minutes.  Thus, just from a simple energy equation, the drying was not a natural event.

I am going to assert that all three elements were in play in this.  God, being the creator, is able to master and control TIME.  Creatures (neither human or angelic/demonic) are able to do this.  It is a significant pointer to the nature of these messages.  We are unwise to ignore this message from Fatima!


What do Fatima, Aurora Borealis, Sunspots, and WWII Have in Common?


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Fatima was a combination of many different elements.  The Sun was used as a central element to get the attention of people.  The message was a call to conversion.  A call to change our ways.  A part of the 2nd secret of Fatima said,

The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.

The “Unknown Light” turned out to be an Aurora Borealis.  An Aurora is the result of an ejection of charged matter fro the Sun due to the movement of magnetic fields.  When a magnetic filament collapses, there is a large amount of energy released, and an explosion of sorts results.  These magnetic fields are the source of sunspots.  The magnetic fields cause the temperature to drop (slightly) – and that darkens the surface just a bit.  The darkened surface becomes a “sunspot.”

People have been looking at sunspots for a long time.  Some sunspot activity was recorded as far back as 800BC.  In 1600, the telescope was put to use to record sunspot drawings.  We have a great deal of data centered around sunspot activity.  The following is a picture of an Aurora Borealis.

On January 25, 1938, a large aurora was seen over most of Europe.  This was not a normal event.  It spanned from Scotland to Africa, and caused great concern for people who didn’t know what it was.  On February 4, 1938, Hitler promoted himself to military chief in German, and one month after that, Hitler invades Austria.

What is very interesting is the TIMING of the sunspot activity, the Miracle at Fatima, the Aurora, and WWII.  That is what they ALL have in common.

Sunspots – here is 100+ years of recorded sunspot activity:This diagram is called a “Butterfly Diagram.”  That is because the data in the chart ends up creating what looks like butterfly wings.  The upper portion of the chart shows where on the sun that the sunspots occur while the lower portion is just an overall measurement of total sunspot activity.  The following chart focuses on just the years between 1910 and 1950.

  • Sunspot Cycle 15 smoothed average peaks August 1917
  • The Miracle at Fatima occurs October 1917
  • The “Strange Light” is an Aurora – derived from Sunspot activity(!) – January 1938.
  • Sunspot Cycle 17 smoothed average peaks all along 1938 (bleeding into 1937 mostly and 1939 somewhat).
  • Hitler names himself military chief February 1938.
  • Hitler marches into Austria – which was significantly affected (emotionally) by the Aurora in March 1938.

The Miracle of the Sun has a number of elements to it that simply could not have been predicted, or even known, by any human at the time in 1917.  There are more links that I’ll continue discuss as time will allow.

Fatima – a hoax?


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The blog “The Apple of God’s Eye” has a post that calls out the Catholic Church for spreading “biblical ignorance”.  It blames the Catholic Church for being the source of making up a story behind the miracle at Fatima.

How terribly sad – if you’d like to look at the post yourself, here’ the link to that post.

I made a comment to that post, and here it is:

You accuse the Catholic Church of “thriving on biblical ignorance.”  It’s remarkable that you question the source of this miracle.  In your post, there is no mention of the witness given by professed atheists – completely outside the domain of the Catholic Church.  You claim that there is deception involved.  And yet, you do not mention how it is possible that the timing of such an “astronomical” miracle was predicted – in newspaper print – prior to the event itself.
You completely ignore the miracle of the rain, and the subsequent drying of the people’s clothes within minutes of the sun’s dancing.  You ignore the driving wind that didn’t affect the surrounding trees.
Sadly, it turns out that it is you that is spreading error and ignorance.

The Apple in God’s Eye blog has numerous errors.  Here’s a list:

  1. The post states, “Roman Catholics claim that a supernatural event occurred in 1917 in which the “Virgin Mary” appeared repeatedly to 3 little children in Fatima, Portugal.”  Well, this is true.  But, there is an implication that it is ONLY the Catholic Church that makes this claim.  That would be completely false.  Nope, professed atheist made this claim as well.
  2. The post states, “While I have no reason to doubt that the children experienced a vision, it is the source of this apparition I question.” Ah, so the visions happened, but it’s the SOURCE that’s in question. Got that?  The implication here is that the visions were not supernatural (meaning of Heavenly origin), but preternatural (meaning of satanic origin).  Well, isn’t it interesting that Satan would be so interested in destroying a highly successful atheist movement?  That Satan would attempt to get people to stand steadfast against a government dedicated to stamping out religion?
  3. The post states, “The Bible warns that people will witness miracles and supernatural phenomena which will mislead them (Matt. 24:24; Rev. 13:13). We also find a biblical example of this kind of false miracle in I Samuel 28:7-20. King Saul believed the dead prophet Samuel appeared, giving him a message; but it was really an evil spirit impersonating Samuel!” What the poster fails to mention is that we were also told HOW to discern between what is from God and what is a false sign.  That would be by their fruits!  For, good fruit cannot come from an evil source.  Given that the miracle at Fatima resulted in a large scale destruction of the atheist movement, that would be what most would call “a good fruit.”
  4. The post states, “The Message of the Virgin of Fatima is nothing more than the invention of the Roman Catholic Church, counter to what the Bible really says.”  That statement, however, is a complete fabrication.  At no time did the Catholic Church create the messages.  Most of the messages were public and available to everyone to read.  The Catholic Church spent 13 years looking at the messages before it decided that they were, “worthy of belief”.  The Catholic Church did not at any time fabricate these messages.
  5. The post states, “No cosmic miracle happened, despite  the testimonies of people who THOUGHT they saw one. Catholics adherents tend to see things others do not. What they actually saw in 1917 was an astronomical event which occurs repeatedly every 11 years. The Vatican used the event to dupe the ignorant masses who thought they had seen a “miracle” of nature.”  Now, we have fully departed reality.  We are now saying that there was an astronomical event that was predicted by 3 small children months in advance.  To the day.  To the hour.  In advance.  70,000 people showed up for an astronomical event.  In advance.  An event – somehow only seen in Fatima.  An astronomical event not seen anywhere else on the globe.  This poster claims that the Vatican is trying to “dupe” the “ignorant masses.”  Of course, the astronomical event hasn’t happened again.
  6. The post states, “The Catholic Church thrives on biblical ignorance. Most people do not question the “traditions” and “claims” of the Vatican, they just blindly believe it’s structured, non-spirit based doctrines.”  Well, now we have veered off into the weeds, and are no longer talking about anything of substance.
  7. The post states, “So despite the incessant baying of critics, I can say without hesitation that the message and miracle of Fatima is a lie and a hoax contrary to the Word of God! Roman Catholicism has it’s origins in a heathen Babylonian religion which worshipped the “Queen of Heaven” (Jeremiah 44:19,25). Participate at your own risk.”  So, now here’s the crux of the whole point.  Really, this poster is not concerned about reality whatsoever.  They don’t like the Catholic Church.  And, if anything runs counter to their world view, it is by definition something that must be denied.

What must be done to get the attention of people without taking away their free will?  This picture shows the enormity of the event at Fatima.  It was a huge area covered by so many people.  And yet, this is waved off by some as just a simple hoax.  If little children can create such a wide scale hoax, why not repeat the simple exercise?  Show the world how easy it is for people to experience NOTHING, but then run around claiming that they did.

Fatima: Firewheels and Solar Flares


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Tens of thousands of people were present to see a miracle in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.  Later, many of these people were interviewed and asked what they saw.  Most every person reported seeing the sun turn into a “fire wheel.”

Large Firework

Time Lapse Firewheel

What does this have to do with Solar Flares?  If the miracle at Fatima was in fact an image of the star going through its normal life cycle, then the answer would have to be “everything.”  But, how can a star ever be made to look like a firewheel?  The answer has to do with solar flares.

Coronal ImageHubble Picture

Pictures available of solar flares have are taken over a relatively brief period of time when considering the long history of the sun.  However, we have been able to witness many different solar flares of various sizes in that brief period of time.  What would happen if we were able to see every solar flare projected in the entire life of a star?  There would be many large solar flares coming out all at one.

Secondly, there is another attribute of stars that makes the fire wheel image possible.  Stars rotate about their own axis (just like all of our planets).  The rotation of the apparent sun was a universal comment made by witnesses.  If we were to view the sun from above its own polar axis, then sped through time rapidly, we would see solar flares shooting out in all directions very rapidly.  This would create the fire wheel image shown above.

Of course, the people involved with the miracle at Fatima could not possibly have known this attribute of the sun or any other star for that matter.  Therefore, this is another example linking solar physics with the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

Fatima Pushers – how was the event sold to 70,000?


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One question that came to my mind when looking at Fatima was, “How did word get out to so many people that they would go slog through the mud to see something that might possibly happen, but only if it was a miracle?”

There were just these three little kids that were telling people that they knew that a miracle could be expected on October 13, 1917 around noon time.

from “thetruthnews.info”

These three little kids said that they were getting visions from Mary that there was going to be a miracle “so that all may believe.”

It’s not like these little kids were popular at the time.  There was nothing remarkable about them.  Their parents were not well off.  So, how did word get out about the up coming Fatima miracle?

The first time the kids made any comments about the up coming miracle was in May of 1917.  The youngest kid, named Jacinta is on the left in the picture above.  She was the first to start telling everyone that they saw someone who promised a miracle.

Word spread from there along with the questions.  “Where they telling the truth?  Or, was this just some silly kid stuff?”   The odds had to be on the “silly kid stuff.”  Without some kind of confirmation, who would care to take the time to go see some supposed miracle?

The Portugal Government – Did the government sell this miracle to the people?  Hardly.  The government had vowed to stomp out religion within two generations.  Anything giving the people a reason to believe would have been damaging to their credibility.  You might be surprised (as I was recently) to learn that those witnessing the miracle actually had to confront soldiers.  The following is a quote from an eye witness, Mr. Dominic Reis, about that issue.

“Everywhere we saw animals, trees, bushes. Very rough.  And this National Guard, what we would call “weekend soldiers”… tried to stup os from going down into the Cova.
“The crowd was breaking in one corner.  When the soldiers move to protect that corner, another corner is breaking out.  First thing you know, everybody got through.

“What happened, happened because they couldn’t control crowds… I was slightly wounded by one of the bayonets.”  At this point, Mr. Reis showed a scar on his hand from a wound inflicted by the bayonet of one of the soldiers as he braved the pointed bayonets.

As you see here, the Portugal government wasn’t a supporter of the event. But, they did make a large mistake that did end up giving credibility to the children. In August, 2 months prior to the miracle, the kids were taken by the government and put into jail for two days (tossed in along with the other men that were in jail). The leaders in Fatima wanted to put an end to the rumors that God was going to show a miracle. So, after a day in jail, the men told the children that the were going to kill them by boiling them in oil. And, one by one, the children were threatened with death and taken away. Lucia, the oldest, was the last child to be threatened – and she was convinced that her two young friends had been brutally killed. And, after seeing these two kids drug off, she also stuck to her story. Facing certain death, she didn’t waver.

The kids were returned to their families because they feared what might happen to them if they were to in fact kill the kids.  The fact that the children stood up to these men and didn’t back down actually gave a great deal of credibility to their story.

The Church – With all of the pressure by the government to tone down religion, you’d think that the church was doing everything it could to push the up coming miracle.  That would be wrong, it turns out.  The Catholic Church is not all that eager to embrace miracles as they are occurring.  Only after the validity of the miracle if verified are these events discussed.  The up coming miracle at Fatima was not a topic that could be discussed in the churches in Portugal.

The Weather – Did the weather help?  Not so much.  It had been raining for days, and the ground was soaked terribly.  So, in order to get to the site of the miracle, people had to put up with uncomfortable conditions, get past the guards, and then go stand in the mud and wait for something (no one had any idea “what”).

Faith and People Watchers – The crowd was filled mostly with people of faith – people that believed that a miracle could happen.  But, the crowd had other people in there as well – people that were certain that the kids were just full of it.  They were insulting these people of faith, calling them “Simpletons”.  Simple minded people too stupid to rationally think for themselves.

Those two elements are what pulled people to the event – but by far, most of the 70,000 were people who did believe that a miracle could happen.

Fatima – Star Physics Revealed?


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When did we know that it was nuclear fusion that powered the Sun?  It was not until the 1930s before scientists even make a theory that the Sun was not powered through simple compressive heating.  But, it seems that what we have learned about star physics has actually been previously revealed (Fatima 1917).

The credit for this theory goes to the people that put this website together. This is my layman’s summary of that content.  You can find that information here.

After many brilliant minds have pondered star physics, we now know that the process goes something like this.

  1. Star formation starts with a large rotating cloud of Hydrogen.
  2. As gravity pulls the matter into the center of the cloud, the compression of the gas heats the cloud.
  3. If there’s enough Hydrogen in one place, the temperature reaches 10 million degrees, and the Hydrogen ignites (nuclear fusion).
  4. Rapidly, the star reaches its normal phase – constantly burning Hydrogen and turning that into Helium.                             
  5. The amount of Hydrogen starts to dwindle and reaction slows down a bit.  The cooling allows for contraction and the Helium to form an inert central core.  Hydrogen is pressed against this core – and is thus pushed into a tighter space.
  6. Quantum physics take center stage now.  The core does not compress as much as Newton says it should.  So, the Helium makes a larger (essentially incompressible) core.
  7. The Hydrogen being in a tighter space (just outside the core) burns more rapidly than before.  The extra energy causes the star to move to the “Red Giant” stage.                                                                
  8. As this remaining Hydrogen is burned, the core becomes ever larger – and thus more Hydrogen is burned in the same amount of time.  Thus, the Red Giant grows larger and larger.

This process is exactly what was witnessed by those on the ground in Fatima.  This is what they said:

  1. It was raining and cloudy.  At the start of the miracle, the sun was in the middle of the clouds.  The clouds were both passing in front of the sun and behind the sun.  This maps nicely with the proto-star stage.
  2. The sun then danced (I have a future post coming on what this dancing is.  Stars move, just like our Sun – and if the time is compressed, it’ll look very much like a whirling spinning dance).
  3. The sun put out various colors (That’s the subject of yet another post – but yes – this too is a product of solar physics.)
  4. Near the end of the apparition, the sun turned red and “fell down to Earth.”

    Image Courtesy Wikipedia – Conceptual

    The people reported that the Sun was red and “fell down to Earth” when it suddenly went back up into the sky again.  How big will the Sun get when it before it exhausts its supply of Hydrogen? The following quote is from the “Red Giant” Wikipedia page here.

The Sun is predicted to become a red giant in approximately 5 billion years. It is calculated that the Sun will become sufficiently large enough to engulf the current orbits of the solar system inner planets, up to Earth.

Superhuman knowledge was on display in Fatima in 1917.